Oh the humanity!

6,624,177,565, roughly. That’s the number of people living on this planet right now! Luckily, most of them live in developing countries, with no chance of ever living the kind of lifestyle most of us, with easy access to a computer, indulge in. Lucky us. For, if they did, very soon nobody would live that life anymore.

It’s not just Climate Change, although that’s a huge factor. It’s also resources. Already we see China’s hunger for growth on the markets. Metals and coal are becoming more expensive. So is food. Some say that’s Climate Change, other’s say it’s China. Either way, it means more mouths need to be fed, and not just that. They want cell-phones, cars, computers. Good for growth, but can we sustain that? Do we really want the third world to catch up to the first? There might not be much left of the first world after that.

So do we really think that falling birth-rates in developed countries are worrisome? That China’s brutal one-child policy was a bad idea? That aborting female fetuses in India is a bad thing?

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