The consumption of life

Enjoy what life has to offer! A very strange piece of advice. Is life (as such?!) a player on a market? Whose offers are you ignoring if you accept life’s? Is it a package deal, or can you mix & match? What is the cost?

Let’s call this the consumerist attitude to life. Life, on this view tries to woe you in, keeps making you offers and all you need to do is accept. You seem to have been assigned a rather passive role.

Wait, you might say, isn’t the point rather that you should enjoy what life has to offer, as opposed to being displeased with it? But that seems to make you even more passive: life is now making you offers, you are to accept them, and, out of principle, adopt a certain kind of attitude towards them. You are still a consumer, but now you are supposed to be a happy one, too!

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