Where are the philosophers?

Glancing over this article from the NYT one begins to wonder, whether philosophers are just keeping a low profile, or are simply not perceived as potential contributers to a debate that is clearly philosophical. What is a law of nature? Not: which laws of nature are there, but: what is a law of nature? Sounds pretty philosophical, doesn’t it?

And yet, the only philosophers mentioned in the article are great old dead ones, not contemporaries.  Philosophy probably came to an end some time in the 17th century. Instead just about any physicist with a philosophical view gets his two lines of fame (or rather: two more lines of fame). But seriously, this debate is old and, in philosophical circles, pretty sophisticated. Maybe philosophers should start writing more popular books?

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2 Responses to “Where are the philosophers?”

  1. Baekho Says:

    Funny you should mention that, this guy here has a link to some philosophers’ thoughts on “what is a natural law?”

    There are still at least a few philosophers alive and kicking—-Richard Rorty just died recently, and Quine only died in 2000 and Derrida in 2004. John Searle is still here, and so is Zizek and MacIntyre and Plantinga, to name just few. 😉

    I do agree with you though that philosophy has become a highly technical, academic (read: pejoratively useless) discipline, which is perhaps to say that genuine philosophy is dead (or just very rare).

  2. Here we go again… « Atoms to Zeppelins Says:

    […] we go again… … yet another article that begins with the overused sentiment that yet another question philosophers (gosh, these people must be really stupid!) have […]

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