A laid-back atheist…

A laid-back atheist understands that not everything can be expressed in propositions true or false. A laid-back atheist understands that overall attitudes toward life cannot be justified by science. A laid-back atheist has no need to be polemic about holidays. A laid-back atheist shows her atheism precisely in her unwillingness to take a stance on matters of religion. A shrug says more than a thousand words. Can we be such laid-back atheists?

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2 Responses to “A laid-back atheist…”

  1. Baekho Says:

    Not to be pedantic, but would that make you either an apatheist rather than an atheist per se? 😉

  2. Roger Says:

    Being an atheist means only one thing. Not believing in Gods.

    How you live you life is not defined by being an atheist. It’s defined by what ever values and opinions you’ve adopted while growing up. Some people like to push for there political and social changes based on those belives but that is NOT intrinsic to atheism.

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