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Due to the increased number of calls…

January 20, 2009

“Have your current vehicle registration card, your driver license and a credit or debit card ready.” Well, no. You will have plenty of time to get all these things while listening to a rather unapologetic voice repeating “due to the increased number of calls, your waiting time may be longer than usual” over and over. Instead make yourself a cup of tea, get comfortable, and a have a copy of Kafka’s “The Castle” ready. Remember to switch the phone from right to left and back every so often while cautiously navigating the dangerous seas of menu options offered by the ever friendly robot. Resist the urge to press “2” for Spanish the third time around in the hope of at least getting some free vocab help. Never opt for “more questions”. Insist that “Speak to a technician” really is what you meant, even if the robot interprets it as “Vehicle Registration”. Then, once in line for the “technician”, start to think about where you might have placed all the important documents you’ll need. Make another cup of tea. And enjoy your Kafka.