A zeppelin is not a balloon. This much should be obvious. A balloon goes wherever the wind takes it. A zeppelin, on the other hand, goes wherever it is supposed to go. Less obviously, a zeppelin is also not a blimp: a zeppelin is rigid. Unlike an airplane, a traditional zeppelin is lighter than air. Traveling in a zeppelin is slow, but it doesn’t rob you of your dignity in the way today’s air travel does. Instead of being buckled up in an uncomfortable seat with a tiny screen in front of you, you are invited to listen to live piano music, while wandering through the lounge. As a zeppelin travels much lower than an airplane, you can also enjoy the view. Even the BBC has recently come to acknowledge how much more pleasant traveling in a zeppelin would be.

Zeppelins are gigantic and light, enduring and fragile. Zeppelins are dream machines, as if out of an outdated science fiction novel. And yet they really existed; a story with a tragic ending.

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